Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Nitpicks, nerves

I really wish the work computers had a tabbed browser. There are three programs running along the taskbar at all times: MS Outlook, the window of firm applications, and the document management system (which never seems to work for me when I want to save something). This means if I have more than four MS Word or Explorer windows open they tile themselves, and this is insanely annoying. Mozilla would be nice.

I turned in one of my memos and scheduled my midpoint evaluation for next week. Oh, that sinking feeling. On the bright side, I found a really helpful revenue ruling for the research for my second memo. I will miss tax when I rotate to litigation. Maybe they can continue to throw me some tax assignments on the sly. It's not like they have a dozen summers clamoring for them. Then again, I don't think document reviews are so bad. We'll see how things work out in my new department.
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