Sunday, May 23, 2004

Tomorrow is the first day of my summer job. After selecting an appropriate outfit, assembling the necessary paperwork to prove I am legally able to work, and ransacking the apartment and my email for the letter telling me the initial place and time to assemble, all is ready.

I was pretty confident that this firm will be a particularly good place for me to work - as I have mentioned, my interviewing strategy involved minimal concealment of my actual manner, so it might be argued that any firm that didn't give me an offer was a bad fit in some way, personality-wise. But then I read things like this and realize it's all a crapshoot; for all I know, I blew it with a firm that might have perfectly complemented my career ambitions because I crossed my legs temporarily at the knee instead of the ankle or pulled a silly face while thinking about a question. Bah.

(I do not consider someone thoughtlessly leaning on his hand a datum from which one can reasonably extrapolate carelessness or poor social skills. I'm sure if the interviewer in question were as closely observed as her subject during the same period, she would have made some awkward gesture or poor choice of words at some point. Maybe the person really was twitchy and strange in a way not conveyed here. As it stands, this is prime paranoia fodder.)
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