Thursday, May 27, 2004

To add to my list of reunions in DC, my former Rose coworker Lovely Sarah just called me. It looks like we're going to an Aimee Mann concert later this summer. Whee! She's been working as a paralegal and now hates all lawyers. I can't imagine the absolute drudgery of being a paralegal. As I understand it, you get the scut work and horribly long hours of a first year associate, but with a tiny fraction of the paycheck and potential abuse from angry attorneys. (Then again, associates aren't safe from that either; one of my classmates worked at an L.A. firm and saw a partner chuck a stapler at an associate's head in the middle of a tirade. The associate just stood there. If someone threw a stapler at my head there would be a fight, but then I am not trying to keep my head down and pay off student loans of an amount sufficient to buy a large house in Red America.)
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