Monday, May 24, 2004

After carefully perusing the firm's policy on computer usage, it appears that I can blog from work as long as I do not disparage or defame the firm, its staff, or its clients. I am also prohibited from posting illicit sexual content, but the closest I think I've come to that was the Graves poem about nakedness, so the blog is safe on that score as well.

I really like my firm. They do have a not-very-well concealed plan to make me into a tax attorney (evidently I was one of two summer associates to not put tax last on my interest list, so they have put me in office block with the tax attorneys, given me a tax associate as a senior mentor, and have me sharing an office with the only other non-tax-averse summer), but I can overlook this. I went to my first firm lunch today with my senior and junior associate mentors. I asked the junior associate how she knew the firm was right for her. She said that at the other firm where she'd worked, they had social events practically every night which you were expected to attend and all the attorneys were friends with each other. At this firm, people have a life and friends outside of work and aren't expected to go to frou-frou parties and bar nights all the time; she liked that. So do I. Yay for relatively antisocial professionalism! We do get a Supreme Court tour from one of the justices, horseback riding and a winery tour, and some kind of Monte Carlo night gambling party, so they are not all business all the time, though.

The only downsides: they have put me on an international arbitration project, which I know nothing about, and my officemate can see everything I do on my computer monitor. That will keep me in strict compliance with the firm computing policy (or at least discourage solitaire). I think he is peeved to not have the entire office to himself anymore. Oh well. Life's tough all over.
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