Saturday, May 15, 2004

I've created a category for CMC blogs. If you are an alum and have a blog or know of one that's not linked, send me an e-mail and I'll add it. Bonus points for Rose Institute blogs!

In the spirit of celebrating the Rose, some quotations from S. Bedford Frates, who taught us all a lot about local government finance and more than a little about life:

“We’re bringing consumerism to government.”

Frates: “Absolute values in relative terms.”
Student: “What?”
Frates: “Absolute values in relative terms.”

“What you need, young man, is to join the Marines.”

“We take the budgets and we dip them in acid.”

“You know it’s winter when the lamb stew comes back on the menu [at Walter’s].”

“Let’s talk about life and reality.”

“I don’t have much aesthetic sense, but I have great taste in wives.” - (Explaining that the tie for which he had just been complimented was, in fact, purchased by Mrs. Frates.)

“My train of thought left me at the station, then backed up and ran me over.”
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