Thursday, May 20, 2004

Things our apartment has:

A piano
A stereo
Two fireplaces
Spices galore
A large Modigliani print, which is staring at me right now (its presence makes me indescribably happy)
A living room and a sitting room
A rockin' loft (where I sleep!)
Air conditioning (aah)
A whirlpool bath
An eclectic assortment of art all over the walls

Things our apartment mysteriously lacks:

Towel racks
A medicine cabinet
More than one set of sheets for the small bed in the loft
A television (we shipped one from Boston, but my laptop screen is bigger)
More than one phone jack
High speed internet (sob!)
Closets in the bedroom or loft
Food (partially rectified now)
Books that are not about dance

It's a strange place. I meant to go out exploring the neighborhood today, but it was overcast and gloomy, so I ended up staying in and finalizing my clerkship application list. Work starts on Monday, at which point I may blog about law again - that is unless they won't let me blog from work. If blogging is at night only, I'll probably forget half the funny things by the time quitting time rolls around.
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