Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Review: A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar

Warning: vague spoilers.

A colleague recommended A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar, a documentary about the California bar exam, and I convinced Steve to watch it with me this week. It brought back lots of memories, especially since our humble protagonists took the test at the Ontario site (which they complained altogether too much about; there's an In-n-Out within walking distance, which is all you need).

It is a little silly, but the test-takers are mostly sympathetic. The main exception, who is insufferably princessy and looks disturbingly like one of my least favorite people, fails, so you get a nice dose of schadenfreude with your entertainment. I'm not sure why the head of one exam prep company agreed to be in the film; the test results don't exactly reflect well on his product. We spent a few minutes after the movie ended trying to figure out the fates of the test-takers; one was working as a contract attorney and one was at a small firm; one other passed the bar but there's no evidence that s/he's in practice. Recommended for J.D.s and wannabes.
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