Friday, June 20, 2008

Disney Teaches Men About Hotness

Timothy Sandefur points out that much of what guys need to remember about male hotness can be summed up in a few lyrics from Mary Poppins:
You’d never think of pressing
Your advantage
Forbearance is the hallmark
Of your creed....
You have to be strong enough to have an advantage, but gentlemanly enough to never even seem as if you would press it. To this, add a dollop of casual openness to sensual pleasure and blend.

(Sandefur also muses on how women can be hot with greater ease because we're shooting at more targets. This is the only target I am shooting at.)

Everything we've discussed so far has been about heterosexuals. I'm sure there are some interesting variances on these themes in same-sex relationships, but I'm reluctant to generalize without experience in the area.
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