Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is Pain, Highness.

This is horrifying. Guys, there are so many petite ladies out there who would love to be with you. I can almost understand it for the sub-5' male set, but for someone 5'6"? 5'8"? Even in stiletto heels, there are plenty of women shorter than that. (And of course the whole idea that you have to be taller than your lady is sexist nonsense.)

If you want to be crass about it: Research indicates that women will broaden their dating prospects if you have more money--wouldn't $200,000 put a sizable dent in your love handicap? If an extra inch of height is only worth $1,000 per year in additional wages, is it likely that the impact on discrimination in the workplace will make this stuff pay for itself?

N.B. The average height for American men in the Details piece errs on the high side of the actual average. This seems to ring true; the average American man is 5'9" but says he's 5'10".
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