Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I believe the technical term is "wacko."

My freshman year of college, I met a woman who claimed to be a virgin and grossed out by sex, but who flirted often with men. It turned out that she had been knocked up, married, and divorced, foisted the baby off on relatives, concealed her past by telling new friends that photos were of her niece, and reinvented herself every year for a new group of people. She also falsely accused a mutual friend of sexual assault and made my rooming situation unlivable by spinning a series of lies about me to new residents after I discovered her true past. Her liver was a born-again virgin too: every fall she claimed to have never been drunk before. (The preceding year's party photos begged to differ.)

This ATL post just jogged my memory. I doubt that any HLR editors have secret children in Spain, though.

UPDATE: She works in AI research now! This is why Skynet will turn on humanity.
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