Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What are we paying you for, anyway?

Via Bookslut, I find and am mildly irritated by the moanings of a "failed bookseller." Shocking revelations from this fine piece of journalism include:

1. Bookstores do not pay you to stand around and read the books in the store during work hours. They instead expect you to spend this time assisting customers.
2. Instead of being an easy way for recent graduates to meet promiscuous literature loving women, working at a retail establishment is likely to expose one to more average types who look "like potatoes poured into black clothes."
3. Nothing interesting could possibly be shelved in the SF/Fantasy section, so one may simply evade your assigned responsibilities to the "readers" or such rubbish by hiding behind the till.
4. Telling a customer a book is "probably rubbish" is not the best way to make sales or keep your job.
5. Stealing books before quitting to make up for wages to which you felt entitled is a completely acceptable retaliation tactic for your weeks of disappointment.

What a snotty little whiner.
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