Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Made to order

At HLS, our student mailboxes are constantly spammed with flyers from people and companies trying to make us into real lawyers. One of the most intriguing ones (to me, at least) is the Hong Kong tailor advertisments. They claim to create reasonably priced custom suits from your measurements. I have always thrown them away ruefully, since I am almost certain that they are talking about men's suits.

According to Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Making Light, I've been ignoring the obvious: the internet. She has revealed the secret of Ebay's Indian tailor market. My friend Angel meant to have some cheap suits made in Senegal when she was there last year, but they lacked heavy enough fabric. It's more likely that India could provide a wide variety of fabrics. I'm not sure my judge would think bright pink and gold were appropriate colors for his chambers, but it's tempting.

Random unrelated gripe: I have been informed that taking the D.C. bar is dumb, since it doesn't transfer to anywhere else, whereas any other state bar easily transfers to D.C. With this in mind, I am about to switch to the California bar (and thus the California bar course). However, there is no contact information in the confirmation email I received from BarBri or on their website. What the **&^$#?
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