Thursday, November 18, 2004


Via MeFi, I note the following egregious nonsense:
GOP seeks suspension of RU-486
Republican lawmakers plan to reintroduce a bill to suspend the sale of RU-486, the abortion pill, and probe the process surrounding its approval now that three U.S. deaths have been linked to the drug. The measure would ban the drug temporarily while the Government Accountability Office, Congress' investigative arm, conducts a six-month independent review of the approval process the agency used to declare RU-486 "safe and effective" in 2000. . . .
FDA officials confirmed that [three] American women died after taking the drug. But they said they do not have evidence that RU-486 was responsible for the deaths.

Well, obviously this calls for a ban and a Congressional investigation. I look forward to similar bans and investigations of unfenced swimming pools, open buckets of water, and high school football, all of which have certainly caused more than three accidental deaths. Or what about Accutane? That's been linked to 66 suicides (although, as here, a definite causal link has not been proven). Save me, Congress! Save me from abortion pills that are safer than carrying a pregnancy to term!
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