Monday, November 22, 2004

Animal Cannibals

Heidi Bond has decided that linear birds (those whose axis is relatively rigid and pivots above the legs) are inedible. However, birds blessed with more flexibility and longer necks are still guiltlessly edible. This smacks of rationalization to me, and I would like to proffer the following anecdote in an attempt to reintroduce Heidi to the joys of linear bird consumption.

When she was a girl, my mother had two pet chickens, Henny and Penny. These chickens were quite tame and begged for food from anyone nearby. And what was their favorite snack, which they would fly into paroxyms of scratching and clucking to obtain? Fried chicken. If the chickens don't mind eating themselves, why should Heidi mind eating chicken?

To address Angus Dwyer's question: yes. And it was full of spicy, greasy goodness.

(Why does anyone go to KFC? The chicken is wizened, simulataneously greasier and dried out from exposure to the heat lamps, and has a less vibrant flavor. And they are partnered with Taco Bell, the most mediocre food in existence. This produces an unholy alliance of dual shops in which one can order wings and tacos in the same value meal. Ugh.)

UPDATE: instant fried chicken invented in Israel (chicken lovers should not click).
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