Wednesday, April 12, 2006

That'll show him, Catharine!

Sometimes I wonder whether I would have enjoyed taking a class from Catharine MacKinnon. Things like this make me think I was better off skipping it (although if the choice is between MacKinnon and Janet Halley, who I did have at HLS, I'd pick MacKinnon; she appears an unlikely baklava thief).
Civil law, she says, is more effective. For example, she was asked to represent raped Bosnian and Croat women in a lawsuit against Radovan Karadzic. The result has been Kadic v Karadzic, and she is very proud of it. "We have an injunction against this man ever engaging in genocide again and people he's in contact with ever doing it again. We were also awarded $745m, which he has and our clients are entitled to. That's two forms of civil relief that actually could make a change in the situation." The important word there, surely, is "could". (Emphasis added.)
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