Sunday, April 30, 2006

PTN Book Club: Anansi Boys

This may be our most popular selection yet.

Amber: "Unlike the rather plodding, dark American Gods, Anansi Boys has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments (making me reassess whether the laughs in Good Omens came from Gaiman or Pratchett)."

Karl: "I would venture that the style of the book is often Pythonesque (or prehaps Gilliamesque, a la Time Bandits)."

Donna: "Anansi Boys is funny."

Zubon: "The destruction of Earth was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Arthur Dent, since he lost everything immediately and all at once. There was no lingering suffering as his life was shredded one bit at a time. He would have become an annoying character, wandering about Islington wishing for tea while Ford Prefect acted strangely on the side. Fat Charlie is that tedious, earthbound Arthur Dent."

Tom: "I was struck by Gaiman’s ability to occasionally drop something beautiful and profound into his narration without losing the zany tone and pace of his story. "
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