Thursday, April 06, 2006

Like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football . . .

. . . I keep trying to order the third disc of House, M.D. from Netflix. They sent it to me three weeks ago. The disc and sleeve said "Disc 3," but the episodes were from Disc 2, which I've already seen. I sent it back and reported it mislabeled.

They reshipped the disc once they received the defective copy two weeks ago. I played it: Same problem. It was probably the same disc. I reported it mislabeled, sent it back, and shot customer service an email. They wrote back without really saying anything but sent me another copy from a different distribution center.

I played that copy today. Who wants to guess whether or not it had the episodes from Disc 3 on it? Who?

I just want to see Hugh Laurie and the cute blonde doc flirt awkwardly! Is that so much to ask?

UPDATE: In response to an angry email demanding that amends be made, Netflix comped my next month's service. Yay.
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