Sunday, October 31, 2004

Will Baude can get a cat!

Since so many people I know are allergic to cats, they should be pleased to hear that hypoallergenic cats are on the way. For the low price of $3,500, you can be the owner of an adorable British Shorthair with allergen-free saliva and dander. More breeds will follow. Dana, should Tom use this as an excuse to get rid of Maddie, she can always come and live with me!

Seriously, though: the price is extremely high, which is understandable given R&D costs. Is the cat's genome patented? Will all cats be sold spayed and neutered, a la Monsanto's terminator seeds, so that an alternative source of kittens will not emerge? And what happens if an Allerca cat is cross-bred with a normal cat? All this and more will become clear should I drop out of law school and start a lucrative cat and ortolan breeding business (strictly segregating these two aspects of the enterprise, of course).
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