Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The road to hell

I fully intended to go into the office today, do my Wills and Trusts reading, potter around with Journal stuff, do tomorrow's Copyright reading, and go out for a taco. It all fell apart, though, when I realized that I forgot the power cord for my laptop. That meant I had to walk home after class and get it, which meant I might as well cook lunch. I had finally procured some Mexican chorizo the other day and had been craving it. However, I forgot tortillas.

Still, it should have been easy: go home, run down to crappy local grocery for tortillas, make delicious chorizo and egg tacos for lunch, read Wills and Trusts, and then head back to campus for class and to get my Copyright book to read tonight.

But then the evil of Boston reared its head; there are almost no Mexican people here, so I had to go to three different stores to find tortillas. It rained. The reading for Wills and Trusts was 160 pages long, plus supplements. I may go to class. Maybe.
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