Monday, October 04, 2004

FIngers and toes crossed

It is quite likely that today my clerkship limbo will end. Of course, whether I shall be elevated to paradise or cast down into the "universal rejection" circle of the inferno is anyone's guess.

UPDATE: as I was posting this, my phone was buzzing silently in the next room. Guess who has a federal appellate clerkship! What this will mean for the future of this blog I can't say. Sasha VOlokh blogged until he began his clerkship, and the Curmudgeonly CLerk blogged pseudonymously through his. You can count on at least ten more months of Bamberblogging.

Thanks to the folks at AuthorSkeptics for the links to my posts on plagiarism and to Mr. Poon for linking to the one on maggot cheese. I wonder if Waddling Thunder would be willing to go to bat for the Sardinian cheese makers in their fight against oppressive EU regulations that prevent them from selling this delicacy. Sounds like a great pro bono project . . .

Via Prestige Whore, I find an article by George Hicks which argues that HLS students may be getting spoiled. That is probably true, but it doesn't stop me from grousing about the fact that FAS provides web space for its graduate students and the law school does not. Give me a few megs, Dean Kagan!
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