Friday, October 29, 2004

Arnie for Senate

Thanks to everyone who is answering the poll below about my shirt. Carry on, folks.

Latest topic of debate (other than the location of my cookbooks): what does the future hold for everyone's favorite Governator? I contend that he should attempt to unseat Senator Boxer and then wait for the half-senile Feinstein to retire, making him the senior Senator from California.

Some claim that he should wait out the interval between the end of his second term as governor and the possible constitutional amendment in some Cabinet position (H&HS? Homeland Security?) before becoming President Arnold. If Reagan could do it, why not this guy? He's got style, charisma, Kennedy connections, a flashy wife . . . it would be a truly Hollywood style presidency. And it would be a sock in the eye to all those West Wing fans with "Josiah Bartlet is my President" bumper stickers. I am not holding my breath, though. Any thoughts from the aspiring pundits in my comments section?
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