Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Insert Moan of Despair Here

Today was the last student registration I will experience, although pointless paperwork updates that less actual time to complete than the walk from my apartment are, no doubt, part of my future. Afterwards I stopped by the journal office, only to discover that the mailing policy change we wanted to make after Issue 1 came out was never made, thus precipitating a flood of expensive returned undeliverable journals. I spent an hour or so in the office and then fled to immerse myself in Michael Mann's new movie, Collateral. It was not as good as Heat, although there were similarities in structure. The ending seemed improbable and some of the sequences (such as the nightclub hit) were confusingly shot. Add to this the headache I could feel brewing before the film even started. I thought the books of Polish and Bulgarian poetry I requested from the Harvard depository might be bright spots in the day, but alas, both poets are either poorly translated or deservedly obscure.

Prescription: drugs. sleep. Stephenson.
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