Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bad news for the Bamber schedule

I stopped by the clinicals office today and talked with them about rearranging my schedule. I am currently signed up for the course component of Slightly Interesting Clinical but not the clinical placement component. Unfortunately, the placements are full and they have 11 people on a waiting list. So that's out.

Really Interesting Clinical is not full. However, it requires enrollment in a three credit workshop that meets five days per week from 2-9pm, starting next Monday and running through October 1. This overlaps for two weeks with the clerkship interview period, conflicts with all the recruiting events for the journal, and is just generally a giant time suck. On top of that, a good half of the placements are in Massachusetts counties that are not accessible via public transportation. I don't have a car.

It's looking like I may have to just go with my original plan of taking a slate of semi-interesting classes and starting practice when the rest of us start practice - when we begin our real jobs. Alas.

Update: I emailed the professor teaching the workshop and he should be able to tell me whether missing a few sessions for clerkship interviews, etc. is the kiss of death.
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