Friday, September 03, 2004

Back in Beantown

Good: after two flights and a looong train ride, I am finally back in my Cambridge apartment, which the flaky weirdo subletters left cleaner than it was when I moved into it last fall. The internet works, which means catching up on weeks of backlogged email is possible. I have the entire apartment to myself, so I can laugh out loud at funny things I read without feeling self conscious (oh wait, I do that all the time, because my flatmate and I are both nuts).

Bad: I think I have a sinus infection. It feels like half of my head is stuffed with nastiness, my ears are popping, and the pain comes and goes. Half the front steps are missing, with a note from Harvard letting me know that they removed some deteriorated sidewalk on Monday. When they plan on replacing it was not stated. I lost my friend Danielle's phone number. My To Do list is literally a foot long. Augh.
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