Saturday, August 28, 2004

Vienna, I love you

Reasons today was fabulously, amazingly superb:

I had to wear a jacket to go out this morning. In August.

I saw two Egon Schiele exhibitions (one in the Leopold Museum's permanent collection and one in the Wien Museum at Karlplatz).

Gustav Klimt.

I have chocolates and candied violets.

Vienna is full of lush green parks and lovely buildings. Budapest would be full of the latter if a squadron of men with power washers was loosed on the city. As it is, the Austro- half of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire is by far more attractive.

I have new reading material (sadly, there are no English copies of Foucault's Pendulum in Vienna, so I will need a new book in a short time or have to reread Don Quixote).

There are few things that could make me more pleased on a day in August in Vienna.
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