Saturday, August 14, 2004


Random aside: if I'd known that online Scrabble gloating was kosher, I would have been more public about celebrating my last win. But then that would have opened the door to online discussion of my utter demolition in the previous game, so I'll leave the internet gloating to Will and Amy.

Spent the entire day at Wawel Castle, which is absolutely fabulous. I cannot believe the amount 15th and 16th century art has been preserved. You would have thought that someone would have stolen or destroyed it in the course of an invasion/partition.

Internet access in Poland is insanely cheap (about a dollar per hour, half the price of the least expensive I found in Prague). However, George W. and his weak dollar policy are really cramping my style. Somehow the zloty went from 4.00/dollar when I checked it a while back to 3.55/dollar now. The Euro is kicking butt. All prices are quoted to me in Euros.

Bonus: I am actually more likely to get English signage here than in Prague. There most things were in multiple languages but typically only German and Russian. However, far fewer people speak English, leading to my humorous pantomime at the post office today. By the time I get to Bulgaria I'm going to be drawing for people again. Why traveling for me inevitably devolves to Pictionary is anyone's guess. Stupid useless three semesters of Russian.

Random aside 2: did you know that Poland has a Hooters equivalent? It is called Restaurant Rooster. Ah, capitalism.

Hopefully off to the salt mines tomorrow.
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