Saturday, August 07, 2004

Packets, packing

This morning I schlepped over to Staples for new envelopes, Kinkos for new labels, and FedEx for shipping these godforsaken clerkship application packets to HLS so faculty support can stuff them with recommendations and send them to judges who will no doubt reject me because my paper was the wrong shade of ivory or my grades are too low or they have already filled their slots with Stanford and Yale people or . . . (takes deep breath)

The packets are mailed. Leaving for Europe forced me to get it done early (they don't have to be at HLS until August 18th) and allowed me to send the 16 pounds of paper via FedEx Ground instead of overnight, saving me a pretty penny. I will be so glad when this is over.

I also had to finish boxing up my life in D.C. and packing my tiny backpack for Europe. I will be blogging from internet cafes just like I did for my spring break trip to Turkey. My posts will appear at another blog also (three guesses where) so you can get your dose of Bamber in two ways.
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