Friday, August 27, 2004

Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

I fled Belgrade at 8:20 this morning, not because the city has any particularly displeasing qualities (it is actually quite lovely, and Serbian food is some tasty stuff, y'all), but because I am rapidly running out of days to travel, and I must be on a plane out of Prague on 2 September. My next destination was Vienna, my favorite city, and delaying the experience of returning there was unjustifiable. So I snuck out of the Three Black Catz Hostel (actually some chick's apartment, and she does have three exceedingly cute cats), got on the first train, and here I am.

You can tell when you cross the Hungary-Austria border. Everything suddenly becomes more orderly. Tomorrow shall bring the Leopold Museum, a truly fabulous hat store, a replacement for Don Quixote, and more lovely Vienna.
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