Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rational Basis Review and You

Jacob Levy's employer is having a "cut the red tape" contest: people who identify "a policy or process at McGill that has, or appears to have, no sound academic or administrative justification and that impairs service to current or prospective students" may win $100 (that's $99.45 for us Americans). How many other universities and institutions would benefit from similar contests?

Also Levy-related: I attended a roundtable discussion on his recent federalism scholarship and the subject of whether Americans feel strong loyalty to their states came up. Most people seemed to think that such affiliations were somewhat uncommon, although still prevalent in a few states (cough Texas cough). Megan's recent post questioning whether America should be one nation seems like a good example of the sentiments we were discussing.

UPDATE: For those of you interested in the federalism papers, they can be found here (marked "recent").
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