Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knitting: Urchin Hat

I've knit three of these Urchin hats so far. The first two were from Twirl (cream and cranberry) in sizes medium and small. The medium turned out enormous (platter-sized) but was liked by its recipient regardless. The small turned out very nicely, if slightly fuller than pictured in the pattern. It takes a little more than one skein of Twirl for the small hat, and the spiral pattern doesn't really come through with the boucle yarn, but it's very cute.

I also bought two skeins of the Cadena in Neptune to make the plain-yarn variant for myself, but I'm very underwhelmed by how it turned out. It used less than a whole skein for the medium size, but I'm not sure that a large size would be better. Maybe this yarn is just mediocre.
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