Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gadget paralysis

My cell phone, iPod, and laptop are almost five years old. They still function (the phone less well; if you call me and don't hear back, it's because my phone sometimes sits on voicemails for a couple of days before telling me about them). At some point I'm going to need replacements for them. But what to buy? There are so many combinations of items that could provide the desired voice/photo/music/web browsing functions. Should I buy another large laptop and get a small device for mobile web browsing or go for an ultraportable laptop? Is Vista that evil? Should I buck the lessons of Steve's experience and buy an Apple? When is Spore coming out and what are the hardware specs? Do I want an iPhone (would necessitate switching providers, and probably be a giant hassle if I wanted to keep my 617 number) or another Verizon phone? What about a Kindle? An iPod Touch, although its browsing is limited to WiFi? Should I carry my new camera around everywhere and risk breakage or get a cell phone with a decent camera? I am waiting for second generation versions of so many products that it's making me antsy.
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