Sunday, February 24, 2008


Some thoughts on makeup, women who wear it, and men who hate it:

- There are people, including men, who can tell if you are wearing any makeup, even if it is skillfully applied.

- It is quite possible to apply makeup such that almost anyone, even another woman, will think you're not wearing any. This happened to me multiple times, and my (female!) friend once insisted for a few moments that I do not, in fact, wear foundation. This flip side to this is that when you actually don't wear any, people think you're ill.

- For every man who hates the way lipstick tastes, there is a woman who thinks oily skin, pimples, and chapped lips are gross.

- Everyone looks better with a little eyeliner. Even boys. Also, cream eyeliners are awesome.

- There are not enough beauty choices for people at the ends of the skin tone spectrum. This is largely but not entirely a product of market forces.

- Kevyn Aucoin's books are a great way to learn about applying makeup.

- There is an inverse relationship between the staying power of a lipstick and its effect on your lips.
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