Thursday, May 19, 2005

Random roundup VII

The eye meme is taking off, with contributions from Kristine, E. Spat, Mr. Poon, and Fitz-Hume. Let me see your eyes!

UPDATE: more sparkling eyes from my friend Melinda.
MORE: E. McPan shows one eye.

Do you eat the rind or leave it behind?

My dear Will Baude is incorrigible.

Don't mess with Russian Tolkien fans. But was it a hidden coat of mithril mail?

If you're a responsible young professional in need of housing in D.C., I may be able to put you in contact with someone. Send me an email.

Anonymous sperm donations: I'm for 'em. Unlike this guy, I am not troubled by the horrible prospect that some kids might be "haunted" by the prospect of not knowing one half of their biological heritage. Gamete contribution does not a parent make. It's nice to have some medical information (but requiring that wouldn't necessitate revealing the donor's identity), but some kids who aren't the product of sperm donations also lack that knowledge and they aren't so bad off. Besides, medical information is only as good as what the sperm donor knows. I don't know the history for my father's side of the family much at all. Even for relatives on my mother's side I don't actually know what specifically killed them. Is this atypical? Does everyone else have a detailed mental list of the causes of death or major illness for every person within three degrees of consanguinity?
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