Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Things that suck:
  • Chemerinsky's BarBri lectures on Con Law. So many bad jokes . . .
  • Libraries that close at 5pm.
  • Libraries that have half their books in Portuguese.
  • Law school offices that close before you get an email saying you should go there and buy lunch tickets NOW NOW NOW.
  • Continued threats of rain on graduation
  • Dresses that are kind of boring looking.
  • Poky Netflix turnaround
  • Still not having received my Amazon order with gifts for someone's upcoming birthday

Things that rule:
  • Poodles with stereotypical poodle haircuts
  • The Yard actually having grass instead of snow or mud mixed with grass seed and neon green fertilizer
  • Chips and salsa
  • New versions of the Bluebook with revised Rule 18 (internet citation)!
  • Getting to see my boyfriend soon
  • Diet Coke on sale ($2.50 per 12 pack)
  • Books in English
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