Thursday, August 12, 2004

Boston v. Prague

Public transit: Prague's is faster, has newer cars (and even the old ones have charm), and speeds you to the earth's surface on escalators so fast that they surely reflect some vital difference in liability law. Like many in Europe, payment is more or less on the honor system: no turnstiles here. Advantage: Prague.

Mexican food: Prague's is better. Shame on you, Boston. Shame.

Smell: the Charles may give you a rash if you fall in, but it's otherwise inoffensive. Prague smells funny. I blame the floods of 2002. Advantage: Boston.

Commie stuff: due to the Russians invading their country, the Czech propensity to celebrate Soviet culture is confined to fleecing college tourists. Boston, and more specifically Cambridge, caters to a local audience for its Communist themed bars. Advantage: Prague.

I went to the Torture Instruments museum and the ossuary in Kutna Hora today. Yes, I am morbid. Off to Krakow tomorrow (not going to the concentration camp, though).
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