Thursday, June 17, 2010

One is silver and the other's GOLD, you buffoons.

With all the standard caveats about NYT fake-trend stories, I found this piece on why kids shouldn't have best friends sort of puzzling. Isn't it incredibly overstimulating to essentially require group interactions of all kids, introverts and extroverts? What would be the effect on privacy for a generation that never had a single friend to exchange confidences with? Is the expectation that these children not discuss their innermost thoughts and feelings or that they spill them to everyone? How do you develop a strong sense of loyalty where there are conflicts of interest between friends and all friends are on an even field? The society the educators in the article are trying to breed sounds like something out of an Ursula Le Guin novel.

As someone who was introverted and most commonly had just a best friend growing up, this would be my own personal hell.
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