Monday, June 14, 2010

In which I roll my eyes re: the difficulty of finding a nice _____ girl.

The flip side of using ethnic or religious differences as a pretense for dumping someone: A dumpee's protest that "I loved you even though you weren't ____!" It's similar in that it reveals you're better off without the person.

UPDATE: A friend of mine weighed in via email:
I always figured it would be easier to find someone I get along with on the axes I consider most important to me (intellect, humor, modern liberal sensibilities) and adopt the few dishes and holidays I want to keep than it would be to find someone whose main identity is Vietnamese/Asian and hope that they fulfil the multiplexity of what I want in a partner. Unless it's really important to you to share language and culture and traditions, you're going to spend a vast amount of the day talking about things other than "hi five! we're both Vietnamese!"
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