Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Bones About It

Busy week at work. Spent my spare time watching the first couple of episodes of Lie to Me, but the straight-faced dialogue about how a rape victim MUST be lying if she isn't displaying the typical emotional and physical reactions* made me want to throw the remote through the TV, so I'm in the market for a different brainless episodic forensics-related show, now that I've exhausted the Netflix Instant Viewing catalog of Bones. Perhaps what I really need is another show starring a nerdy, pale brunette who lives in DC?

Related: A friend recommended Gail Carriger, whose books I have enjoyed thus far, but I did chuckle a bit after realizing the heroine is defined against her society in part by her possession of (decidedly unfashionable!) voluptuous curves, rebellious curls, and tan skin. Three guesses what my friend looks like.

*Special fun bonus: She WAS lying! Way to reinforce harmful stereotypes about victims, guys!
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