Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things that are making me angry (non-exhaustive):

1. I keep getting bounced from the doc review website so I can't look at the relatively small set of documents I need to have reviewed by tomorrow morning. AUGH.

2. What the heck is this SmartBenefits voucher thingie? Why would I want a voucher that can't be loaded onto a SmarTrip card? Isn't that Dumb? Can you add cash to it to eke out those last pennies? Do you have to scan it through the reader for paper cards on the turnstile, slowing everyone down? Why doesn't the website tell you anything useful? What was wrong with Metrochek?

3. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for those who send out announcements that invite queries and then immediately go home so nobody is there to answer when the inevitable calls come in. The all-time champion of this is the California Bar, which posts passage results on their website on a Friday night at about 5:59 PM, but they are not the only offenders.

4. Taxi lines. I hate them. I hate having the little taxi line dude flag 5 cabs away from our line for every one he allows to stop. I hate having to go through the dude at all to actually get a cab. I want a free-for-all. I would rather be body-checked by a grandmother from Indiana as she steals my cab than wait in line, watch cabs drive by, and have every cabbie/passenger encounter require a flapper. And this is Reagan National Airport! Reagan would not want us to queue up like communists waiting to buy toilet paper. I should be able to buy my way out of the line. Market pricing!

5. Craigslist is full of flakes. Just buy the darn mattress already, people.
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