Saturday, September 27, 2008

More like a song and less like it's math

By all rights, today should have been terrible:

- Having to go to two different hardware stores and still not getting what I need for a task: -1
- Walking in the drizzle for about 6 miles total: -1
- Giving the cat a bath: -1
- Giving the cat a haircut: -1
- Breaking two CFL bulbs and scattering broken glass and toxic substances all over my dining room: -1
- Getting whistled at by dudes outside the car dealership and called a puta when I didn't respond: -1
- Finding out that new couch will not be delivered for 10-12 weeks: -1
- Coming home to a beeping smoke detector and running around looking for fire, only to conclude that the humidity must have set it off: -1

However, it was completely saved by an unbelievable chain of awesomeness:

- Two successful home repairs: +2
- Rocking out with new stereo: +1
- Chai latte at Murky: +1
- Fun time at new knitting group: +1
- Brisket sandwich: +1
- Random street festival: +1
- Nice compliments from strangers on my shirt: +1
- Ordering new couch: +1
- Serendipitous encounter leading to stimulating discussion about law, internet privacy, and fantasy novels: +5
- Anticipation of Sunday morning quiche and a return trip to Chicago, where I will probably consume another meatball sandwich the size of my head: +1

Life is good.
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