Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Roundup #whatever

Some especially good posts today:

Em rips the NYT a new one for their ignorant article on birth control pills and periods.

Hugo Schwyzer has firsthand experience of one way we can do right by people who meet a few items on the shooter checklist. Not that this would apply to everyone, of course.

Megan sounds like a really sweet person but sometimes I think she is from Mars, like when she champions judgment-less listening. But wait, there's more. And more. I'm INTJ, which means these posts make me recoil like Dracula from the cross.

A White Bear found some letters on the ground. They are the most appalling love letters you will ever read. My judgey opinion is that someone should do wrong by the author. (This is older, but it got reposted on Unfogged and I remembered I hadn't blogged it the first time I saw it.)

Who needs soap operas when this stuff is online?
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