Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog Book Club, Informal Edition

Karl has a good idea:
Amber seems (or seemed, anyway) to read a lot of books. More than one a month.

Instead of a formal Book Club, she could simply note which books she is reading when she starts them, with the idea of not posting a review until a month later. That way people could join in on any of her current selections.
I think this will be better than another online book club. I will read The Night Gardener, a crime novel set in D.C. that allegedly "transcends the genre," by the end of April and post a review on the last day of the month. We can then fight about it in the comments.

Postscript: If I am reading more than one book in a given month, I will post reviews of additional books during the the last week of the month so we can have multiple days' worth of snarking material. What I am reading will be noted in the sidebar.
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