Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog Civility

I was going to dissect this stupid blog code of conduct idea, but this guy already did a pretty decent job.

FYI, this blog's comment policy:

I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason, up to and including "it had too many spelling errors," "included smack-talk about my boyfriend," and "WTF?!?" However, I can probably count the number of non-spam comments I have deleted over this blog's three years of operation on one hand, so your freedom of expression is pretty safe. Haloscan eating your comment is more likely than an Amber-imposed deletion.

Cutting remarks, sarcasm, and insults are all fair game, as are over-the-top and obviously unserious threats ("All people who dislike The Wire should be wrapped in barbed wire!" etc.), clearly parodic impersonations (see, e.g.), and anonymous comments (especially anonymous comments revealing juicy legal gossip). But all comments should be useful, in the sense of moving the conversational ball forward, or at least amusing.
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