Thursday, September 21, 2006


The formal shorts look is so hot here right now. The Fug Girls would be appalled.

All those children the Japanese are not having have been replaced by dogs. There are so many dog clothing boutiques everywhere! I like this idea.

The Japanese apparently love pastries. Yet Japanese pastries are gross. Why?

The sizing here is of course much smaller. I am trying to limit my clothing purchases because I am going to keep going to the trainer when I get back; in any case, when I am an American size one and a Japanese medium there is something afoot. I was tempted to go to the Japanese Gap and check what size I am in the same khakis, but it would have been too depressing.

Not that anyone wears khakis here anyhow. Black, black, black. In one department store there was a whole section of unrelievedly black women's suits in semi-dowdy designs. What are these for?

Women working at sightseeing attractions have to wear absurd cosplayish uniforms with aprons and hats. Guys don't. Grr.

Anyway, despite the tone of some of my posts, I am having a good time. I am not going to get to do some of the mountain climbing I wanted to do because of bad weather, but other than that the trip has been good.
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