Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Greedy Associates, quit your bitching.

It could be worse:
Law in general is the laughingstock of the entire professional world. CPA's, accountants, realtors/mortgage brokers, finance kids all know that law pays horrible janitor money and is a miserable job. I was hanging w/ a finance guy the other day and he was stunned when I told him I made 50 K as a LICENSED ATTORNEY. He said that entry-level secerataries at his firm earn 52 K + profit sharing and car rides home.
I work in the Cord Meyer building in the worst firm that you can find. I have health insurance but I make $40K and for the first few months here, I didn't have a desk.
The interview there was really the worst, the partner was suuper arrogant and told me that new associates are really worthless to the firm as they don't know all the tricks of LL/T, and that I would be lucky to work there, etc. Then they asked me if I had the heart to kick out tenants on Xmas eve b/c that's something the firm has done in the past! Did I mention they only pay 40 K with NO HEALTH INSURANCE!
I quit Melli the fax machine burned up 2 toner cartridges with loser toilet school grads dying to work there for 45 K and crappy benefits.
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