Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PTN Book Club: The Betrothed

Karl: "[T]he aspect of the book that irritated me (at least at first) was Manzoni's failure to give the reader a little more "backstory" of their romance at the outset."

dgm: "It is a bit like one of my friends who, especially after imbibing some spirits, will begin to tell a story but then wander onto a variety of tangentially related topics, touching on each in hideous detail, and often this detail will, surprisingly to the narrator, spawn a new tale--where was I?--but always things would be tied together nicely in the end. Okay, maybe that's what my friends say about me. Maybe that's why I like the book."

Amber: "A book that can make you laugh out loud dozens of times nearly two hundred years after it was written is a true classic."

Zubon: "If you only read one book in your life translated from the Tuscan dialect, try some Dante, but this is a classic in Italian schools the way To Kill a Mockingbird is in the United States (or at least this part of the US). This is easier reading than La Comedia at any rate."

I think the length of this month's selection discouraged participation, but unless people are still interested, maybe this should be the end of the book club. Thoughts?
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