Thursday, October 20, 2005

She said I gave my heart too soon/and that's how I became your mother

I've found Maggie Gallagher's guest blogging stint on the Volokh Conspiracy mostly boring, with a generous side of depressing and a dash of infuriating (as someone who doesn't want to procreate, I find Gallagher's theory that real marriage is all about the baby-making rather offensive). Many people have speculated on Gallagher's real motives. I found this passage from one of her brief excursions into the comments sections illuminating:
But aside from the social science evidence on family structure one quesiton I have for you is this:

My eldest son's father abandoned me and his son. We were never maried. He never wanted to have children, he wanted to have sex and companionship.

What was wrong with what he did, if anything?

He didn't violate any vow or contract. He never asked to have a baby.

By what standards do we htink fathers are responsible for the children they make, if we don't think procreation and biology matter?
Wow. Just wow. We need an analyst in here, stat.
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