Thursday, October 13, 2005


I recently saw a preview for Domino, the new film that's based on the true story of a beautiful young British woman who becomes a bounty hunter in Los Angeles. The trailer was way too talky and revealed too much of the narrative; they really needed something energetic, with lots of quick cutting and a little mystery left intact to fascinate young women who might want to see it to figure out how a poor little rich girl ended up breaking down doors in L.A.

The NY Times profile reveals that one of the juiciest scenes in the film was fabricated:
Mr. Scott depicted one of Ms. Harvey's most dangerous exploits in the film. She, Mr. Martinez and Choco entered a room expecting to find only one person and were met by at least a dozen gang members with guns drawn. In the film Ms. Knightley gets out of the jam by offering lap dances, something Ms. Harvey did not do.
Now I understand that a Hollywood movie featuring a starlet like Ms. Knightley needs a hot scene or two, but what I really want to know is how the real Domino got out of that pickle. That would be an excellent action sequence, or at least a clever suspense bit.
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