Saturday, January 12, 2008


Steve and I went to see There Will Be Blood this afternoon. PTA, all is forgiven. The only trouble is that most of the reviews say that Plainview's character has no redeeming features. I didn't really quit Team Daniel until the last thirty minutes of the movie. Wouldn't you be tempted to [SPOILERS] send your deaf son to a specialized boarding school if he tried to burn your house down while you were sleeping? [/SPOILERS] His ultimate alienation is tragic, not repellent. Or maybe Day-Lewis is so attractive that my judgment is impaired.

You should see this movie so you can tell me what a horrible person I am for not despising Plainview.

Some people seem to think that the more memorable lines in the film will become catchphrases, a la "greed is good" or "say hello to my little friend." I doubt it.
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