Sunday, July 08, 2007

D.C. Police Don't Care About Attempted Burglary

Yesterday, two men tried to break into my friend's home while she was inside. One man attempted to pry the door open and the other tried to get in the window. She called the police and, because the men were still milling around in a nearby alley, she was able to identify the perpetrators. One of them had just been released that morning; he had been either charged or convicted (not sure on details) for robbery.

The police told her that "D.C. doesn't have an attempted burglary statute" and so they could not arrest the men. They let them go, although now they know who my friend is, where she lives, and that she fingered them to the cops.

Somehow, I am having trouble believing that there was nothing the police could have done.

She lives in the Third District. I hope nobody reading this has the bad fortune to be "protected and served" by the cops there.


UPDATE: Hello, new readers. For what it's worth, the police in question were almost certainly aware that attempted burglary is a crime and chose to make the above untrue statement as rationalization for refusing to arrest the burglars.
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